Measures until February 17.


100% capacity in professional sports events, as well as non-professional or federated sports activities in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Recommendation of group activities abroad whenever possible.

Outdoor races and activities, staggered start to keep distance.

100% capacity in closed sports facilities and equipment such as gyms, sports and physical activity rooms.

Culture, leisure and recreational activities

100% capacity in libraries, archives, museums, exhibition halls, monuments and other cultural centers.

100% capacity in cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, tent circuses and similar spaces, amusement parks and civic facilities.

Reinforced ventilation is recommended in closed spaces where more than 1,000 people can be concentrated.

100% capacity inside betting shops, bingo halls, arcades and games.


100% capacity in interior areas of hotel and restaurant establishments. Opening hours according to license.

While not consumed, the mask must be worn at all times.

Distance of 1.5 between tables.


Recommend teleworking and, if impossible, avoid meeting to eat or drink.

Establish teleworking in public administration.

Avoid traveling during peak hours. Travel preferably on foot or by bicycle.

In jobs that require face-to-face activity, it must be guaranteed that prevention measures are complied with (physical distance, correct use of the mask, hand hygiene and adequate ventilation).

Favor staggered work shifts, and the staggered entrance of the public in work environments in which direct attention to the public is carried out.