The premise of the European Women’s Softball Championship is to respect the environment as much as possible

Enjoying the best women’s softball on the continent and respecting and pampering the environment are two of the objectives that the organizing committee of the European Women’s Softball Championship has had clear from the beginning. For this reason, various measures have been adopted to save energy costs and optimize resources as much as possible:

  1. Each player, volunteer and staff of the organization will have a customized bottle to drink water.
  2. Each enclosure will have water fountains, thus avoiding the use of small plastic water bottles.
  3. None of the bars at the 4 venues will have single-use cups, they will be reusable in all cases.
  4. The catering containers and cutlery are made with ecological and recyclable materials.
  5. The tournament has prioritized daytime hours, to make the most of natural light and thus use artificial lighting only as long as necessary.