Bat boy

Assistant to the dugout during the pregame and the game of the different national teams. His tasks will be to collect the bats of the team to which he is assigned, helmets and other material from the field during the game and order it properly to the dugout. It is preferable to have boys and girls of childish age (13-16 years old)

Pitch assistants

Especially during the BP sessions prior to the match to condition it by putting on and taking off the corresponding protectors and the corresponding baptism cage. For these tasks we can count on boys and girls from the age of 17.


Control of the scoreboard during the match. You will have to follow the instructions of the scorer in case of doubtful plays.


Use of the public address system during the match to announce the line-ups and changes that may occur throughout the game. It would be convenient to have command of the English language in case it is necessary to make an urgent announcement to the attending public.

Control of the competition

Statistics and classifications: they will be people with knowledge of our sport, who can correctly read a score sheet and who are amply developed with spreadsheets to provide the official dossiers with the statistics and different classifications that can be generated during the Championship.

“Play by play”

They will be in charge of tracking the matches play by play so that they can be published on the Championship website. It will be necessary for them to have a good command of computers and a good knowledge of baseball.


They will be in charge of transferring the information between the Competition Control office and the rest of the interested parties: press, scouts, VIPS, scorers, umpires, Technical Commissioner.


Access control

(in different areas of the installation)

They must ensure that the different areas of the facilities are only accessible to persons accredited for this purpose (VIP area, scouts, access to the field of play). It will also be necessary for them to provide the necessary information for the proper functioning of the accreditations. Therefore, proficiency in English, knowing how to be and good presence is required.



They must inform and educate the public attending the matches about the desire to create an ecological and healthy environment throughout the tournament and they will also be in charge of explaining the operation of the different containers distributed throughout the facilities. Fluency in English would be desirable.

Volunteer Center

Assistants to the volunteer manager will help you coordinate the arrivals and departures of shifts, distribution of meals, keeping the center in order, organizing a cloakroom, etc.

Press Center

Assistants to the head of communication. Attention to accredited journalists and photographers. Take care of the space, information on results in the other venues.

Assistant/auxiliary in the scouts

They will be in charge of assisting the different scouts present at the matches for the proper development of their work (delivery of lineups, statistics). It will be necessary to accompany them when they want to move around the installation and inform them of what they need to know. Good command of English is required.

VIP area assistant

They will have the same functions as the previous one but with the personalities who can attend the matches (WBSC Europe members, RFEBS, FCBS, members of the coaching staff of other national teams) Fluency in English. Entity/auxiliary in the VIP area

Technical Commissioner assistant

They will have the same functions as the previous 2 but with the Technical Commissioner in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the match.


They will be in charge of taking the referees and directors of the Federations from their hotel to the field of play before the match and vice versa when finishing off the organization’s cars. Knowledge of English and a driver’s license will be necessary.


Assistant to the person responsible for accrediting the participants, volunteers, press and all the staff of the organization. Some computer and database skills are required. Knowledge of basic English.

Ceremonies (opening / closing)

Various functions to cover, from taking signs to parades to participating as entertainers in the stands. It will be specified.